BecAuse Always …

Always under exactly The same sky, Always exactly the same day
Other than youre not being here, There is no different at all
I just want to smile, Want to forget everything
Just like absolutely nothing has happendned, Smiling to live my day
Miss you, miss You so much, because I miss you so much
Everyday ever by self, Calling you and calling you
Want to see you, want to see you , because I want to see you So much
Now it’s like This habbit , keep calling out your name

Now it’s same day
I though I’d let go , not leaving anything behind
No, no, Now I Still can’t



The ladies by Anton Chekhov

This is one of spectacular literary works that I ever read.Anton Pavlovich Chekhov or every known with Anton Chekhov. he is one of the greatest Russian author.
Here I would like to share to you one of his short stories. this story entitled “The Ladies”, inthis story teel about how strong of woman power can controlled everything. I wish I could be like that. without take a long time lets read it by yourself and I hope u give responses after read it.. Happy reading guyss

FYODOR PETROVITCH the Director of Elementary Schools in the N. District, who considered himself a just and generous man, was one day interviewing in his office a schoolmaster called Vremensky.

“No, Mr. Vremensky,” he was saying, “your retirement is inevitable. You cannot continue your work as a schoolmaster with a voice like that! How did you come to lose it?”

“I drank cold beer when I was in a perspiration. . .” hissed the schoolmaster.

“What a pity! After a man has served fourteen years, such a calamity all at once! The idea of a career being ruined by such a trivial thing. What are you intending to do now?”

The schoolmaster made no answer.

“Are you a family man?” asked the director.

“A wife and two children, your Excellency . . .” hissed the schoolmaster.

A silence followed. The director got up from the table and walked to and fro in perturbation.

“I cannot think what I am going to do with you!” he said. “A teacher you cannot be, and you are not yet entitled to a pension. . . . To abandon you to your fate, and leave you to do the best you can, is rather awkward. We look on you as one of our men, you have served fourteen years, so it is our business to help you. . . . But how are we to help you? What can I do for you? Put yourself in my place: what can I do for you?”

A silence followed; the director walked up and down, still thinking, and Vremensky, overwhelmed by his trouble, sat on the edge of his chair, and he, too, thought. All at once the director began beaming, and even snapped his fingers.

“I wonder I did not think of it before!” he began rapidly. “Listen, this is what I can offer you. Next week our secretary at the Home is retiring. If you like, you can have his place! There you are!”

Vremensky, not expecting such good fortune, beamed too.

“That’s capital,” said the director. “Write the application to-day.”

Dismissing Vremensky, Fyodor Petrovitch felt relieved and even gratified: the bent figure of the hissing schoolmaster was no longer confronting him, and it was agreeable to recognize that in offering a vacant post to Vremensky he had acted fairly and conscientiously, like a good-hearted and thoroughly decent person. But this agreeable state of mind did not last long. When he went home and sat down to dinner his wife, Nastasya Ivanovna, said suddenly:

“Oh yes, I was almost forgetting! Nina Sergeyevna came to see me yesterday and begged for your interest on behalf of a young man. I am told there is a vacancy in our Home. . . .”

Yes, but the post has already been promised to someone else,” said the director, and he frowned. “And you know my rule: I never give posts through patronage.”

“I know, but for Nina Sergeyevna, I imagine, you might make an exception. She loves us as though we were relations, and we have never done anything for her. And don’t think of refusing, Fedya! You will wound both her and me with your whims.”

“Who is it that she is recommending?”


“What Polzuhin? Is it that fellow who played Tchatsky at the party on New Year’s Day? Is it that gentleman? Not on any account!”

The director left off eating.

“Not on any account!” he repeated. “Heaven preserve us!”

“But why not?”

“Understand, my dear, that if a young man does not set to work directly, but through women, he must be good for nothing! Why doesn’t he come to me himself?”

After dinner the director lay on the sofa in his study and began reading the letters and newspapers he had received.

“Dear Fyodor Petrovitch,” wrote the wife of the Mayor of the town. “You once said that I knew the human heart and understood people. Now you have an opportunity of verifying this in practice. K. N. Polzuhin, whom I know to be an excellent young man, will call upon you in a day or two to ask you for the post of secretary at our Home. He is a very nice youth. If you take an interest in him you will be convinced of it.” And so on.

“On no account!” was the director’s comment. “Heaven preserve me!”

After that, not a day passed without the director’s receiving letters recommending Polzuhin. One fine morning Polzuhin himself, a stout young man with a close-shaven face like a jockey’s, in a new black suit, made his appearance. . . .

“I see people on business not here but at the office,” said the director drily, on hearing his request.

“Forgive me, your Excellency, but our common acquaintances advised me to come here.”

“H’m!” growled the director, looking with hatred at the pointed toes of the young man’s shoes. “To the best of my belief your father is a man of property and you are not in want,” he said. “What induces you to ask for this post? The salary is very trifling!”

“It’s not for the sake of the salary. . . . It’s a government post, any way . . .”

“H’m. . . . It strikes me that within a month you will be sick of the job and you will give it up, and meanwhile there are candidates for whom it would be a career for life. There are poor men for whom . . .”

“I shan’t get sick of it, your Excellency,” Polzuhin interposed. “Honour bright, I will do my best!”

It was too much for the director.

“Tell me,” he said, smiling contemptuously, “why was it you didn’t apply to me direct but thought fitting instead to trouble ladies as a preliminary?”

“I didn’t know that it would be disagreeable to you,” Polzuhin answered, and he was embarrassed. “But, your Excellency, if you attach no significance to letters of recommendation, I can give you a testimonial. . . .”

He drew from his pocket a letter and handed it to the director. At the bottom of the testimonial, which was written in official language and handwriting, stood the signature of the Governor. Everything pointed to the Governor’s having signed it unread, simply to get rid of some importunate lady.

“There’s nothing for it, I bow to his authority. . . I obey . . .” said the director, reading the testimonial, and he heaved a sigh.

“Send in your application to-morrow. . . . There’s nothing to be done. . . .”

And when Polzuhin had gone out, the director abandoned himself to a feeling of repulsion.

“Sneak!” he hissed, pacing from one corner to the other. “He has got what he wanted, one way or the other, the good-for-nothing toady! Making up to the ladies! Reptile! Creature!”

The director spat loudly in the direction of the door by which Polzuhin had departed, and was immediately overcome with embarrassment, for at that moment a lady, the wife of the Superintendent of the Provincial Treasury, walked in at the door.

“I’ve come for a tiny minute . . . a tiny minute. . .” began the lady. “Sit down, friend, and listen to me attentively. . . . Well, I’ve been told you have a post vacant. . . . To-day or to-morrow you will receive a visit from a young man called Polzuhin. . . .”

The lady chattered on, while the director gazed at her with lustreless, stupefied eyes like a man on the point of fainting, gazed and smiled from politeness.

And the next day when Vremensky came to his office it was a long time before the director could bring himself to tell the truth. He hesitated, was incoherent, and could not think how to begin or what to say. He wanted to apologize to the schoolmaster, to tell him the whole truth, but his tongue halted like a drunkard’s, his ears burned, and he was suddenly overwhelmed with vexation and resentment that he should have to play such an absurd part — in his own office, before his subordinate. He suddenly brought his fist down on the table, leaped up, and shouted angrily:

“I have no post for you! I have not, and that’s all about it! Leave me in peace! Don’t worry me! Be so good as to leave me alone!”

And he walked out of the office.



The little you
Might be changed
It wouldn’t show up
Untill a hundred years
After we were dead
We’d never see it
But it would be there
But what we were built
will be stay forever


On the Deepest

I wish
My though had voices
To sound themselves to you
wish you could read
what is true within my heart

To know I love you
Though no body wants to hear
When I say so

So I stay away
But what is hidden in my heart
Can you hear it
I fall apart I love You



Title : The Great Gatsby
Author : F. Scott Fitzgerald
Pages : 193 pages
Genre : American Dream Novel
Setting : The Great Gatsby set in New York on 1920-1930. At the time American condition after world war I so the people wants to celebrations the freedom with held the party.
Main Character:
• Nick Carraway
• Jay Gatsby
• Tom Buchanan
• Daisy Buchanan
• Jordan Baker
• George Wilson
• Myrtle Wilson
1. Exposition.
• Nick Carraway is a main character and also the narrator in this novel.
In chapter 1, he sets up the scene with describing the condition between East egg and West Egg after World War I in 1920’s.
• In the Nick’s narration, he also describes main characters. There are Jay Gatsby, Tom and Daisy Buchanan, Jordan Baker, Myrtle Wilson, and also himself.
2. Complication.
• There are many issues about Gatsby’s past.
• Background of life about Gatsby.
• Secret affair Tom Buchanan between a married woman Myrtle Wilson.
3. Crisis.
• Love affair between Jay Gatsby and Daisy revealed.
• Daisy crushes Myrtle Wilson using Gatsby’s car.
4. Falling Action.
• Tom Buchanan is the controller.
• George Wilson seeks his revenge.
5. Resolution.
• Jay Gatsby was died.
Nick Carraway came to West Egg in summer 1922 rented a small house in a part of Long Island New York. Long Island divide in to two regions. There are East Egg and West Egg separated only by a small expanse of water, the two regions are opposite in the values. East Egg represents breeding, taste, aristocracy, and leisure, while West Egg represents ostentation, garishness, and the flashy manners of the new rich. One day Nick visits his cousin Daisy, her husband Tom Buchanan and also her friends Jordan Baker. She is a golf player and from Miss. Baker, Nick knows that Tom having affair with a girl in New York.
On the edge of Valley of Ashes, between West Egg to New York. Tom leads Nick to George Wilson Garage when they want to go to city. In the Wilson Garage Nick introduce by Tom to Mrs. Myrtle. She is a Wilson’s wife an she is also Tom lover in city. Tom and Mrs. Wilson rent an apartment for their affair in city.
In every Saturday night Gatsby always make a big party in his mansion. One day Nick got an invitation party from Gatsby’s servant to join his master party at Saturday night. Nick comes to his party with Jordan Baker, because she was familiar with Gatsby. So Nick asks to Jordan to accompany him. In the party Jordan tells to Nick that Jay Gatsby, a person who invited him is a Daisy’s first love when they still in Loisville. At the same time Gatsby wants to meet Nick in his office. In their conversation Gatsby wants to meet Daisy Buchanan by Nick with having such a evening tea.
After Gatsby and Daisy first time meeting in Nick house. Daisy Buchan becomes intense go to West Egg in Gatsby mansion. Tom already knows it about his wife affair with her first love in Louisville Jay Gatsby. And Tom had a plan to go to city together. Gatsby and Daisy was in Tom’s car, on the contrary Tom, Jordan, and Nick was on Gatsby’s car. On the middle way go home Daisy crashed Myrtle Wilson.
George Wilson was angry to his wife killer, he wants to revenge his wife death. Tom say to George that the murders wife is Gatsby, and Tom also say to George that Myrtle have affair with Gatsby. In Gatsby’s mansion when Gatsby lay on his swimming pool. Wilson shoots Gatsby three times and he suicide by shoot himself on his mouth.

Interesting part:

I think the best part of this story is the appearance of Nick, he plays well at this story, because he always let all the problems flow. He just stare at all the characters and make a point of every character`s attitude. He just makes it flow, calm and stay in a good attitude.
He always calm even there are many affair problems around him, a fight between each other.

The interesting part in from this story is struggle. The main character, Jay Gatsby becomes hard worker to take his first love Daisy who prefers wealthy man like Tom Buchanan. Everything he does for his lover back. Although it became bad impact for Gatsby, he had business commerce of alcohol and illegal logging. That’s the main source of Gatsby’s money. And also he held big and luxurious party every Saturday night caused by he wants to make Daisy curious with his wealthy.

I think the interesting part of this story is when Gatsby bravely admits to George that he has hit myrtle, in order to protect daisy did not let the police arrested and haunted by guilt for bumping into people.

Boring part:

I am one of Gatsby lover, in the end of the chapter tells about how Gatsby die. He killed on George Wilson’s gun. Wilson revenges to Gatsby because Tom said to Wilson, person who crashed his beautiful wife is Jay Gatsby and also supporting by the car who crashed is Gatsby’s car. I am quite disappointed Gatsby die.

I think the boring part of this story is when George come to Gatsby’s home, I think what will be doing George come to Gatsby’s home with bring the pistol. Finally George revenge his wife’s death by killing Gatsby that caused his wife died. I think this novel is a happy ending, but its wrong because Gatsby will do anything for Daisy. Same with George will do anything for myrtle.

what color in your bussiness

By : Darrell Zahorsky

As a small business owner, you may have a meaningful understanding of the color of money but how about the color of your business? Learn whether the colors of your business put your customers in a buying mood and support a positive image, or create the wrong perception of your company.

The Science of Colors
It may seem hard to believe that colors can have an impact on our body and mind. However, scientists know color can influence our body’s physiology and mental states. In a study by Wohlfarth & Sam, the color environment of 14 handicapped children was altered resulting in measurable change in blood pressure and a decrease in aggressive behavior. The science of color has been used by market researchers to determine how best to apply this knowledge to influence customer’s perceptions of business.
The power of colors stimulates our nerves system and evokes emotional states. The colors of our environment travel through our eyes to our brain causing various hormonal releases. But forget the science, what does the meaning of colors do for your business?

The Meaning of Colors and Your Business
The meaning of color varies depending on one’s culture, race, gender, and even age. So, it is not just the selection of colors in general but also which colors to use with your target customers . For instance, white is often associated with wedding in North America and evokes the feeling of innocence. In Eastern cultures, white signifies death. An exporter of white wedding gowns to China would go broke in no time.
Color can be combined to signify meaning to a culture. In the western world, green and red are associated with Christmas, while black and orange represent Halloween.
Several large brand name companies are associated with their corporate color. IBM Big Blue signifies stability and conservatism. UPS –Brown symbolizes longevity and reliability. A color can be connected to a product like Tide; in the bold orange box, evoking the feeling of vibrancy.
Consider the meaning of the following color on your business marketing (in North American Culture)
White : Pure, Clean, Youthful. It is a neutral color that can imply purify in fashion and sterilization in the medical profession.
Black : Power, Elegant, Secretive. The color black can target your high end market or be used in youth marketing to add mystery to your image.
Red : Passion, Excitement, Danger. Red is the color of attention, causing the blood pressure and heart rate to rise. Use red to inject excitement into your brand.
Orange : Vibrant, Energy, Play, Add some fun to your company if you want to create a playful environment for your customers.
Yellow : Happy, Warm, Alert. Yellow can be an attractor for your business with a relaxed feeling.
Green : Natural, Healthy, Plentiful. To crate a calming effect or growth image choose green.
Purple : Royalty, Wise, Celebration, Maybe add some purple tones to your look for your premium service business.
Blue : Loyal, Peaceful, Trustworthy. Blue is the most popular and neutral color on a global scale. A safe choice for a business building customer loyalty.

Consider how these colors are used in your company marketing materials from logos and brochures to business cards and uniforms. Are your colors projecting the personality and image you want? If not, it may be time for color makeover.
In the end, remember color have meaning. A white flag means surrender, however, if you have never seen a war the color is insignificant. It all depends on the experiences of the observer. Consider your colors and customers to best choose your winning color for your small business.


Tes Selai Kacang Dapat Bantu Diagnosa Alzheimer

Sensitivitas penciuman dapat menjadi salah satu hal pertama yang terpengaruh dalam penurunan kemampuan kognitif.

Pendeteksian dini penyakit Alzheimer dapat dilakukan dengan mencium segumpal selai kacang.

Para peneliti di University of Florida muncul dengan ide untuk menguji sensitivitas penciuman itu karena indera penciuman dapat menjadi “salah satu hal yang pertama kali terimbas dalam penurunan kemampuan kognitif.” Selain itu, kemampuan untuk mencium diasosiasikan dengan syaraf tengkorak pertama.

Jennifer Stamps, mahasiswi pascasarjana di universitas tersebut memiliki ide menggunakan selai kacang karena makanan itu memiliki “bau murni” yang hanya dideteksi oleh syaraf penciuman dan mudah diperoleh.

Dalam studi tersebut, para subyek pengujian duduk bersama seorang dokter, 14 gram selai kacang — setara dengan satu sendok makan — dan sebuah penggaris. Pasien kemudian menutup mata, mulut dan salah satu lubang hidung. Dokter kemudian menguji penciuman mereka dengan menaruh selai tersebut di atas penggaris dan menjauhkannya perlahan-lahan. Tes yang sama dilakukan pada lubang hidung yang lain dengan jeda 90 detik.

Para ilmuwan ini kemudian menemukan bahwa para pasien yang mengalami tahap-tahap awal Alzheimer memiliki perbedaan dramatis dalam mendeteksi bau antara lubang hidung kanan dan kiri. Lubang hidung kiri tidak berfungsi dan tidak dapat mendeteksi bau sampai berjarak sekitar 10 centimeter dari hidung.

Hal ini tidak terjadi pada pasien-pasien dengan jenis demensia lain. Mereka tidak memiliki perbedaan dalam pendeteksian bau antara dua lubang hidung, atau lubang kanan lebih lemah dalam mendeteksi bau.

Dari 24 pasien yang diuji yang memiliki kerusakan kognitif secara ringan, yang terkadang menandakan adanya penyakit Alzheimer dan terkadang hal lain, sekitar 10 pasien memperlihatkan buruknya fungsi lubang hidung sementara 14 lagi tidak. Para peneliti mengatakan lebih banyak studi diperlukan untuk memahami implikasi-implikasinya secara penuh.

“Saat ini, kita dapat menggunakan tes ini untuk menegaskan diagnosis,” ujar Stamps.

Hasil penelitian ini diterbitkan oleh Journal of Neurological Sciences.
sumber: VOA indonesia



“Peringatan Isro` Mi’roj Nabi Muhammad Saw 1433 H
Dan Pelantikan REMAS Baiturrahman“.
Tujuan utama diutusnya Rasulullah SAW adalah sebagai rahmat bagi semesta alam ini, sebagaimana dinyatakan Allah dalam Al-Qur’an, sebagai konsekuensi logis dari fungsi dan tujuan Ke-Rasul-an tersebut, maka rasulullah menanamkan dasar-dasar karakteristik islam yang umumnya merupakan sejumlah nilai dan norma yang mengatur manusia dan masyarakat dalam hal yang berkaitan dengan peribadatan, social, ekonomi, politik, yang bersumber dari Al Qur’an dan sunnah, yaitu : Ukhuwah (persaudaraan), Al-Musawa (persamaan), Al-tasamuh (toleransi), Syuro (musyawarah), Al-ta’awun (tolong menolong), dan Al-adalah (keadilan).

Dari enam rukun iman yang diyakini umat Islam, ada dua yang tidak gaib, yaitu sosok Nabi Muhammad sebagai sosok historis dan kitab suci Alquran yang bisa kita baca dan kaji kandungannya, merupakan pintu gerbang ajaran Ilahi yang mengajarkan umat ini untuk hidup dan berkehidupan yang ”rahmatan lil alamin”. Mempelajari sejarah terutama rasulullah sebagai Matsl Al-A’la (tipe ideal), berguna sebagi i’tibar (pengambilan pelajaran dan tauladan) dari contoh-contoh di masa lampau, sehingga memberikan azas manfaat secara lebih khusus demi keberlangsungan hidup umat.
Bila kita mengacu pada fakta historis keadaan umat islam (masyarakat muslim) pada zaman Rasullullah maka kita akan menemukan suatu kondisi masyarakat yang berperadaban tinggi, saling menghormati, tolong menolong, saling menyayangi, toleran, dan jalinan solidaritas sosial diantara mereka yang begitu indahnya.

Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb
Segala puji bagi Alloh SWT. Tuhan seluruh Alam. Sholawat serta Salam semoga selalu tetap tercurahkan kepada Rosulalloh Muhammad SAW, sahabat serta seluruh pengikutnya yang selalu setia sampai akhir jaman.
“Maha Suci Allah, yang telah memperjalankan hamba-Nya pada suatu malam dari Al Masjidil Haram ke Al Masjidil Aqsha yang telah Kami berkahi sekelilingnya agar Kami perlihatkan kepadanya sebagian dari tanda-tanda (kebesaran) Kami. Sesungguhnya Dia adalah Maha Mendengar lagi Maha Mengetahui.(Qs : Al ‘Isra’ : 17)” (bila perlu cantumkan ayat qur’annya supaya lebih bagus lagi)
Peringatan Isro’ Mi’roj Nabi Muhammad SAW bagi kaum muslim merupakan wujud cinta kasih kepada junjungan kita Nabi Muhammad SAW yang telah menunjukkan jalan yang menuju keridhoan Allah SWT yakni berupa agama islam yang dituntun dengan ajaran yang bersumber pada hukum islam yakni Al-Qur’an dan Al-Hadist.
Dengan memperingati Isro’ Mi’roj Nabi Muhammad SAW diharapkan kita dapat mentauladani akhlaq yang mulia dari Nabi Muhammad SAW dan mengajarkan serta mengamalkan ajaran yang telah diajarkan oleh Nabi Muhammad SAW.
Banyak sekali faidah-faidah yang terkandung dalam Peringatan Isro’ Mi’roj Nabi Muhammad SAW sehingga melatarbelakangi Remaja Masjid Baitur Rohman dan Kerja sama Kakang Taruna ( Desa Slempit untuk memperingati hari besar Islam dilingkungan Masjid Baitur Rohman.
Dengan Peringatan ini, diharapkan Remaja Masjid Baitur Rohman dapat memberikan sesuatu yang berharga bagi lingkungan tempat tinggalnya, yang sekaligus mampu menjadi sarana untuk menempatkan diri dalam proses belajar maupun proses menuju insan muslim yang bertaqwa kepada Alloh SWT.
Selain itu fadhilah yang sangat dalam untuk memperingati isro’ mi’roj Nabi Muhammad SAW yang diharapkan mampu untuk diresapi, diapresiasikan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari dan dipetik hikmahnya sehingga peringatan ini menjadi bagian dari upaya untuk membentuk masyarakat yang berakhlaq mulia dan yang bertaqwa kepada Allah SWT.

1. Meningakatkan keimanan dan ketaqwaan kepada Allah SWT.
2. Menjalin tali silaturahim antara Ulama dan sesama warga dilingkungan Masjid Baitur Rohman.
3. Meningkatkan rasa gemar memperingati dan mempelajari sejarah Islam.
4. Proses belajar yang islami bagi Remaja Muslim di lingkungan Masjid Baitur Rohman Slempit.
1. Lomba kaligrafi dan Qiro’ah TPQ Se-Desa Slempit
2. Pelantikan “REMAS” Masjid Baitur Rohman Slempit
3. Pelepasan KKN STAI AR-ROSYID Surabaya
4. Sholawatan Banjari
5. Pengajian Umum
Hari : Selasa
Tanggal : 26 Juni 2012
Waktu : Ba’da Isya’ (19.00 – selesai)
Desa Slempit, Kedamean-Gresik
Demikian proposal ini kami buat, semoga Allah meridhoi , melindungi dan memberi petunjuk dan tuntunan serta pertolongan-Nya kepada kita sehingga acara ini dapat terlaksana dengan baik dan tujuannya dapat tercapai. Semoga pula kita dapat mengambil hikmah dan manfaat dari kegiatan ini dan tidak akan berhenti untuk menggapai Ridho-Nya.
Atas segala perhatian, dukungan, bantuan dan kerjasamanya tidak lupa kami ucapkan banyak terima kasih. Semoga Allah mencatat amal baik Bapak/Ibu/Saudara sekalian.Amin ya robbal alamin.
Wassalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb

Slempit, 18 Juni 2012

Ketua Panitia, Sekretaris

Rarik Ahmad Ragil

Lampiran VI

PELINDUNG : Takmir Masjid Baitur Rohman
PENASEHAT : Mas Suwarno, Mas Qosim

KETUA : Rarik
SEKRETARIS : Ahmad Ragil. P

SC : Ali S, A. Benni

KOORDINATOR : Umi Wahidah, Ali Shodikin

KOORDINATOR : M. Munari, A. Sanudin, Ali Syaifuddin, Kamil, A. Purwanto

KOORDINATOR : Gita, Eko, Aziz, Anang


KOORDINATOR : Maya, Lika, Yessi, Fitri, Risha

Slempit, 18 Juni 2012

Ketua Panitia, Sekretaris

Rarik Ahmad Ragil

Ketua Remas Ketua Kartar

Aan Afarianto Ali Shodiqin
Ketua Ta’mir

Sumarto, S.Pd.


Kepala Desa Ketua RW 03

Sumarmi Sumarto, S.Pd.
Lampiran VII


 Bidang Kesekretariatan

1. Pengadaan proposal 10 x @ Rp10.000 = Rp 100.000
2. Surat menyurat = Rp 100.000
3. Fotocopy = Rp 50.000
4. Kertas HVS 1 rem = Rp 36.000
5. Kartu tanda panitia = Rp 100.000
6. Tinta printer = Rp 50.000

7. Total = Rp 436.000

 Bidang Acara

1. Piala @ 100.000 x 5 = Rp 500.000
2. Sound Sistem = Rp 100.000
3. Meja = Rp 50.000
4. Lampu = Rp 50.000
5. Banner 4 X 2 M = Rp 80.000
6. Transportasi penceramah = Rp 500.000

7. Total = Rp 1.280.000

 Bidang Publikasi dan Dokumentasi

1. Spanduk 1 buah = Rp 40.000
2. Pamplet 10 @ 1.500 = Rp 15.000
3. Cuci cetak foto = Rp 50.000

4. Total = Rp 105.000

 Bidang Humas dan Perlengkapan

1. Transportasi = Rp 100.000

2. Total = Rp 100.000

 Konsumsi
1. Kue 500 Biji x @ 3000 = Rp 1.500.000
2. Air 12 kotak @ x 16.000 = Rp 192.000
3. kotak kue 500@ x 1.000 = Rp 500.000
4. Biaya tak terduga = Rp 300.000
5, Total = Rp 2.492.000

1) Bidang Kesetariatan : 436.000
2) Bidang Acara : 1.280.000
3) Bidang DekDok : 105.000
4) Bidang Humas : 100.000
5) Bidang Konsumsi : 2.492.000
Total : 4.363.000
Terbilang: Empat Juta Tiga Ratus Enam Puluh Tiga Ribu Rupiah

Slempit, 18 Juni 2012

Ketua Panitia, Bendahara

Rarik Very Fambayun

But YOu

I have called your named, but you didn’t hear it.

You are the ones, but you don’t know it

I love you, please stare at me

I love you, please come here

Let’s come a step closer

I will waiting for you

I am sorry, coz I just want you know

I can’t do anything without you

Cause this love, I called you, but you don’t know


Oktober wish

uda mulai tanggal 01 oktober nih ga berasa uda 2x sendiri di bulan oktober. taon kemaren sih masih ga brasa cz hubungan kita sih masih baik2 aja. taon ini hopeless lah kamu dateng. i’m tired now. kalo dateng ya syukur alhamdulilah, kalo enggak ya .. yaudah mau gimana lagi. kalo jodoh mah ga kemana.

oktober wish: biasanya sering digunakan bagi pengguna  smartphone jenis bb, alias blackberry. biasanya temen2 update statusnya di pagi hari di awal bulan. mereka bikin target an atau cuman sekedar doa untuk awal bulan yang akan mereka jalanin 1 bulan ke depan. nah.. berhubung gue udah enggak pake bb lagi, jadi wishing monthnya ditaroh di blog aja yah..

oke.. berhubung oktober wishnya ini bulannya si punya akun. dan berhubung juga yang empunya lagi SUMO alias susah move on. jadi oktober wishnya jadi biar cepet move on ya..( kita aamiin kan bersama-sama)

oke gue mau cerita bulanny gue dari taon ke taon yah..

  1. oktober taon p1 =>
    lagi anget2nya nihh.. cz masih baru 2 bulanan kita jadian. si bundo dapet rejeki lebih jadinya dapet gajian traktirannya agak gedean. alhamdulilah..
    berhubung gue anak organisasi, pulang sekolah ngumpul di sekret bentar. mau absen muka, eh ga disangka si temen2 inget jadi  mereka ngumpul di sekret. kurang ajar. tumben juga sekret rame.tanpa komandomereka berangkat di warung bakso langganan depan sekret wikk 20 orang belom bungkusnya. trus yang temen deket gue ajakin temen deket traktirann tiket nonton cuma 5 orang sih.. termasuk ay gue :p. waktu itu yang kita tonton film yang diwajib in sama kepsek gue. kepsek mellow buanget. kita wajib nonoton 1 film di klas 3 yaitu laskar pelangi.
    maklumlah awal taon depan kita mau unas. jadi butuh film2 motivasi gitu deh.. abisnya nonton kita dinner deh.. uhhh romantisnya.. hahahaha
  2. oktober taon ke2=>
    awal- awal kuliah nih.. susah ketemu sama si ay.. ketemu cuma sabtu minggu aja. taon ni bikin acara di rumah. sibundo bikin acara makan2 di rumah. and the menu is GURAME GORENG sambel cobek. itu favorit gue sama si ay. ay uda dikenal baek sama ortu. jadi ga ada canggung sama sekali. bahakan kadang gue lagi di kampus. si ay ada dirumah, ntah itu tiduran, maen sama adek, ato bantu bundo bersih2 rumah.. nah lho.. si ay ni siapa gue?? hahahaha.. enggaklah.. oh iya si ay kan ultahnya hampir sma gitu sama gue jadi kita mesti ngrayaiinnya bareng. kalo ga tgl 27 ya tgl 28 pokoknya muter di tgl ntu. jadi di oktober acaranya tuker kado. hahaha lucu yah..tiap taon kan si ay juga dapet jatah kue tart gitu dari bibinya. bibinya bilang tartnya dibagi 2 buat upik juga katanya. hehehe taon ni ngrayainnya dirumah ay n kluaganya ay deh. blackforest hmmm muantep gaan.. seneng banget diterima di keluarganya ay. gue ngrasa ada.. taon ni kalo ga slah gue kasih boneka kembar deh. lho.. cowok kok kasih boneka, bonekanya maskulin kok. bentuknya bola. dia pengen bgt waktu ntu.
  3. oktober taon ke3=>
    oktober taon ni gue ngekos, n waktu ultahnya di workday jadi gue berada di kos waktu ntu. seharian gue diem2 aja kalo hari ntu harinya gue. anak2 kos juga n respect sama sekali. jadi aman lah.. kalo sampek anak2 kos tau wihh preman deh.. waktu ntu malemnya latihan capoera gitu. ceilee gue keren bgt ya.. ya enggak sih,, slah1 alasan kenpa ggue ambil capoera yaitu buat kecilin perut. semenjak gue kos bobot malah tambah naik. pulang capoera jam 8an lah. waktu pas smpek kos kok ada bak aer pennuh bgt. ada yg cuci motor kah malem2 gini. tanpa pikir panjang gue turun dari motor langsung lari masuk kamar. astaghfirulloh kunci kamar susah bgt masuknya. ga bisa kerja sama bgt. tanpa pikir panjang. anak2 lagsung tarik deh.. wihh tamatlah riwayat gue malem2 gini. madura lagi dingin2nya kalo malem.
    selesai mandi eh si ay dateng gitu bwa kue tart. kue tart warna ijo putih (lagi seneng2nya warna ijo) bentuk lope gitu tulisan luphie gitu ajah.. sweet bgt ni cowok. gue tiup lilin di pergantian malam 27 ke 28 jadinya bareng2 deh tiupnya. waktu ntu gue kasih si ay sarung tangan yang dia puengen bgt. merk tiiiit.
  4. oktober ton ke4=>
    gue indekos cuma 2 semester aja. masih enak pulang ketemu ibuk. ternmasuk juga ay. apa kalo di kos ketemu hari weekend aja. dia jemput di kos hari jumat. trus kadang dianter lagi kalo ga hari minggu senen paginya. gue buka les2 an gitu dirumah. jadi dirumah kalo sore raamee bgt anak kecil triak2. pas lagi srius2nya ngajar anka2, eh si ay dateng bawa kue tart gitu sama adek gue yg pling kecil. waktu ntu kue rsa moccacino warna coklat2 ( yup taon ni lagi suka warna coklat trus rasa2 kopi gitu ) yang awalnya lagi srius belajar si anak2 rame deh minta dibagiin kue tart. abis dapet ehh langsung pulang deh anak2, bilangnya libur cz mbak upiknya lagi ultah nah loh… kapan gue bilang kayak gituu.. ammppunn dehh.. taon ni gue kasih kemeja kotak2 biru. sebernya taon ni gue kanker bgt. n berhubung gue curhat ke ibuk kalo si ay ultah jadi dibeliin deh ntu kemeja. jadi ynag kado bukan gue tapi ibuk. tapi gue janji kok ke ibuk kalo ada duit gue ganti. heheheeh blom bayar sih smpek skrang, si ibuk juga lupa.
  5. oktober taon ke 5=>
    keadaan kita uda mulai ga baik, ya emang uda ga sama si ay. tapi komunikasi kita baek2 aja kok. taon ni gue kasih kemeja lagi, soalnya si ay udah dapet freelance gitu jadi butuh baju yang sdikit laih formil. lagian tip kita cari baju si ay dapet kaoooss mulu. jadi gue kasih kasih kemeja garis2 biru. n pundak si ay bidang bgt. jadi kalo pake kemeja jadi kerenan dikit gitu… wkwkwkw
  6. oktober taon ke6-2013=>taon ni kadonya gue kasih lebih cepet yaitu sebulan stgh sblum si ay ultah. did u know why? cz i was promise to my self that i want to forget him. jadinya bulannya gue beraat bgt. taon ni si ay gue kasih jersey kesanyangannya gitu. sama dompet. kenapa ue kasih jersey, cz dy prnh crita pgen bgt bli jersey ntu. ya ddlem hati gue doain gue dpet rejeki lebih y biar bisa bliin kamu. perjuangannya ciin gue bli ntu. kerja mati2an buat dpet duit, belinya juga astagfirulloh gue brngkat ke kota tiittt. ya semoga aja si ay ngerti. ya minimal jgn dbuang, dibkar, atopun dikasih ke orang. palagi dikasih herdernya… juuuhhh ga iklas bgt. lebih baek dibalikin aja. trus kenapa gue kasih dompet cz gue liat pas trkhir kita ktmu dompet yg dulu dy beli sma gue udah lusuh.. ada ceritanya tuh dompet yang kita beli di slah satu toko buku. ntu dompet baru sehari udah ada bekas tarikan kuku. gue marah waktu ntu. eh ternyata pas di reka ulang ntu bekas kuku gue ndiri. gue terlalu keras pas ambil ntu dompet di saku belakang celanya. heheheehehe..mmm.. ntu 4-5 taon terakhir yang paling indah buat gue. taon ini gue jalanin sndiri aja deh. fkus karir, fokus skripsi, fokus bahagiain ibuk. tapi kalo ditanya jujur dalem hati pengen bgt oktober taon ni bisa ngrayain bareng si ay kayak taon2 sblumnya. gue pgen long trip gitu bareng si ay.
    tolong di aamiinn ii ya temen2..

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