Title : The Great Gatsby
Author : F. Scott Fitzgerald
Pages : 193 pages
Genre : American Dream Novel
Setting : The Great Gatsby set in New York on 1920-1930. At the time American condition after world war I so the people wants to celebrations the freedom with held the party.
Main Character:
• Nick Carraway
• Jay Gatsby
• Tom Buchanan
• Daisy Buchanan
• Jordan Baker
• George Wilson
• Myrtle Wilson
1. Exposition.
• Nick Carraway is a main character and also the narrator in this novel.
In chapter 1, he sets up the scene with describing the condition between East egg and West Egg after World War I in 1920’s.
• In the Nick’s narration, he also describes main characters. There are Jay Gatsby, Tom and Daisy Buchanan, Jordan Baker, Myrtle Wilson, and also himself.
2. Complication.
• There are many issues about Gatsby’s past.
• Background of life about Gatsby.
• Secret affair Tom Buchanan between a married woman Myrtle Wilson.
3. Crisis.
• Love affair between Jay Gatsby and Daisy revealed.
• Daisy crushes Myrtle Wilson using Gatsby’s car.
4. Falling Action.
• Tom Buchanan is the controller.
• George Wilson seeks his revenge.
5. Resolution.
• Jay Gatsby was died.
Nick Carraway came to West Egg in summer 1922 rented a small house in a part of Long Island New York. Long Island divide in to two regions. There are East Egg and West Egg separated only by a small expanse of water, the two regions are opposite in the values. East Egg represents breeding, taste, aristocracy, and leisure, while West Egg represents ostentation, garishness, and the flashy manners of the new rich. One day Nick visits his cousin Daisy, her husband Tom Buchanan and also her friends Jordan Baker. She is a golf player and from Miss. Baker, Nick knows that Tom having affair with a girl in New York.
On the edge of Valley of Ashes, between West Egg to New York. Tom leads Nick to George Wilson Garage when they want to go to city. In the Wilson Garage Nick introduce by Tom to Mrs. Myrtle. She is a Wilson’s wife an she is also Tom lover in city. Tom and Mrs. Wilson rent an apartment for their affair in city.
In every Saturday night Gatsby always make a big party in his mansion. One day Nick got an invitation party from Gatsby’s servant to join his master party at Saturday night. Nick comes to his party with Jordan Baker, because she was familiar with Gatsby. So Nick asks to Jordan to accompany him. In the party Jordan tells to Nick that Jay Gatsby, a person who invited him is a Daisy’s first love when they still in Loisville. At the same time Gatsby wants to meet Nick in his office. In their conversation Gatsby wants to meet Daisy Buchanan by Nick with having such a evening tea.
After Gatsby and Daisy first time meeting in Nick house. Daisy Buchan becomes intense go to West Egg in Gatsby mansion. Tom already knows it about his wife affair with her first love in Louisville Jay Gatsby. And Tom had a plan to go to city together. Gatsby and Daisy was in Tom’s car, on the contrary Tom, Jordan, and Nick was on Gatsby’s car. On the middle way go home Daisy crashed Myrtle Wilson.
George Wilson was angry to his wife killer, he wants to revenge his wife death. Tom say to George that the murders wife is Gatsby, and Tom also say to George that Myrtle have affair with Gatsby. In Gatsby’s mansion when Gatsby lay on his swimming pool. Wilson shoots Gatsby three times and he suicide by shoot himself on his mouth.

Interesting part:

I think the best part of this story is the appearance of Nick, he plays well at this story, because he always let all the problems flow. He just stare at all the characters and make a point of every character`s attitude. He just makes it flow, calm and stay in a good attitude.
He always calm even there are many affair problems around him, a fight between each other.

The interesting part in from this story is struggle. The main character, Jay Gatsby becomes hard worker to take his first love Daisy who prefers wealthy man like Tom Buchanan. Everything he does for his lover back. Although it became bad impact for Gatsby, he had business commerce of alcohol and illegal logging. That’s the main source of Gatsby’s money. And also he held big and luxurious party every Saturday night caused by he wants to make Daisy curious with his wealthy.

I think the interesting part of this story is when Gatsby bravely admits to George that he has hit myrtle, in order to protect daisy did not let the police arrested and haunted by guilt for bumping into people.

Boring part:

I am one of Gatsby lover, in the end of the chapter tells about how Gatsby die. He killed on George Wilson’s gun. Wilson revenges to Gatsby because Tom said to Wilson, person who crashed his beautiful wife is Jay Gatsby and also supporting by the car who crashed is Gatsby’s car. I am quite disappointed Gatsby die.

I think the boring part of this story is when George come to Gatsby’s home, I think what will be doing George come to Gatsby’s home with bring the pistol. Finally George revenge his wife’s death by killing Gatsby that caused his wife died. I think this novel is a happy ending, but its wrong because Gatsby will do anything for Daisy. Same with George will do anything for myrtle.


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