all about me

names and identification
lutfi,,lut,,fi,,lupi,, phi,, upik even upinn.. yeah you can call me by several options in the previous sentence coz believe or not that’s all my name.
from all the name options it can identified who is caller. lutfi for a new friends that I’ve never met before. lut for my beloved mom or fam when she is yelling at me and fii also it appear when someone got anger. lupi for fam but in specific age, yup only closer children and fam call it coz they cannt spell “t” and “f” in same time and for make it easier they called lupi. phi or pii is only one person called me lie this but, i don’t know the reason why s/he like that, perhaps i will asking to him soon. upik is most people called me with this started from junior, senior till college but the chronology start from fam. and the last upinn huh.. it’s started by friend on my boarding house called this. NUris (lover, sis, till fam), and kambing (ups irma, lover and her close friend) etc. only closer friend from boarding called this. ohh.. I also called Ular, thx for name it’s very meanifull..


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